"Premium Consulting Secrets"

... Or The Death Of Consulting As We Know It.


Discover The 3 Secrets To Attracting and Keeping Business During A Global Recession, Standing Out From Your Competitors, And Coming Out On Top In The Post-Pandemic Market.

This FREE 1-Hour LIVE Training Has Been Designed During the Pandemic to Help You Build A Recession-Proof Client Acquisition Process and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms.  

  1. Know the 3 reasons that 80% of businesses fail when faced with adversity - and how you can avoid them. 
  2. Discover the one mistake you're probably making that stops 95% of consultants from scaling their business during tough financial times.
  3. Learn the 3 secrets to attracting and keeping high-paying, premium clients, regardless of the market climate.
  4. Understand that winning new business during a global recession comes down to having a SYSTEM.
  5. Build a reputable, trustworthy brand and an irresistible service that lets you charge higher rates and reap better profits. 


Warning: This is not a training to teach you to get leads thru social media, podcasts, facebook lives, clickfunnels... It's dedicated to all the consultants out there committed to being sought after and delivering a valuable, premium level of service.


Marie Debombourg,

"Alexandre taught me how to be an Authority in my market. By, being Premium, I became sought after and only work with high-paying clients."

Daniel Pasquier,
ID Agency

"Alexandre helped me go from doing 100 things in different markets to focus only on one niche. My revenue jumped from 15k/month to 40K/month but, most importantly I have so much more pleasure."

Hanne Nuutinen,

"Alexandre is a European response to the American gurus, bringing in new intercontinental ideas of business development for SMEs. What I specifically liked in his presentation was the ‘non-selling but branding’ way of coaching. He himself is a remarkable example of this skill."

Alex Cutler,
Mission Beard

"Before I met Alexandre, I was working 70 hours/week and struggling to make $60k/year. Just 2 months after applying his advice, I’ve cut my work week to 37 hours, have built a team and we’re on track for $200k/year. His advice has been invaluable.”


A Consulting System 20 Years in the Making

Led by award-winning business coach and Premium Consulting Expert Alexandre Olive

Alexandre Olive is a multi-award-winning business coach with over 20 years of experience. Having become the youngest ever Vice President of Swatch Group at just 27, Alexandre has a unique understanding of the methods premium brands use to stand out from their competitors and consistently charge high prices.

However, in 2009, Alexandre found his true calling - helping consultants, coaches and service providers scale their businesses by implementing the exact methods he’d learned from his career in premium branding. To date, he has helped hundreds realise their full potential and create real wealth by becoming premium consultants.


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