Survive then Thrive: How to Keep Control in a World of Client Cutbacks

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020

Coronavirus is changing everything and creating a huge amount of fear and uncertainty for consultants and entrepreneurs alike. Make no mistake, though - I’m in this with you. I have my share of struggles and questions as well, and I’m going to do everything I can to help.

Over the next few weeks, I’m packing my perspective into a content series of blogs, educational emails and Facebook Live webinars. Each session will focus on a different core topic, designed to help you adapt quickly to the changing business landscape brought on by coronavirus and prosper in the new market afterwards.

Today, we’re focusing on the first step - survival. This is what service providers can do right now to make an immediate difference to their businesses. Our clients’ results come from our actions, and these are a direct result of our mindset. This is where we need to start.

Digest and apply this information alongside me, and we’ll both come out of this winners! Read on.

If you’re a service provider and you’re struggling with the current set of challenges you’re facing, I’m here to help. I’ve opened up my calendar to offer free 30-minute strategy calls to anyone who needs them. So, if you could benefit from my knowledge and perspective, book a call now.


Accept that change is inevitable and move forward

This virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate. It’s like nothing any of us have ever seen before. There’s nothing that you or I can do about that, and accepting this fact is the best thing we can do as professionals.

The entire face of the industry will change. The percentage of businesses that survive will be the ones that understand this change is coming and adapt as it happens. I want you to be part of that number, and together we’re going to set fear aside and do what we need to in order to make it happen.

During coronavirus, you don’t get the luxury of personal contact. You won’t have face-to-face meetings, and this goes for the prospects in your pipeline, too. However, this doesn’t mean that your business has to grind to a halt. It just means you have to adapt and run your business a little differently. 

To make the most of the next few months, you need to change your business model to take your contact out of the physical meeting room and onto online platforms in order to keep them happy, do it.


Your skill set is unique - and that brings opportunity

As a service provider, you are unique. Your 9-5 is helping businesses face up to their challenges and overcome them.

Our current situations are no different. We are equipped better than anyone to help businesses get through this. 

These are scary times but don’t give in to fear. Rise up to the challenge. Think about how your skills are relevant to today’s problems and provide your clients with tailored solutions that make their lives easier and foster confidence in you.


Life will resume - and loyalty will be remembered 

Companies around the world are getting bailouts. Governments are doing what they can to help lighten the load on the common man. The economy will reboot. 

And when it does, your clients will remember you for sticking by their side and, for some of them, helping them through their toughest times. 

When they re-examine their cash flow in the months to come, this loyalty could well be the deciding factor that keeps you on the list. 

Sure, it might have cost you a few extra hours of work or even some coronavirus pro-bono, but the lifetime value you’ll see in the years moving forward will repay it 100x over. 

Coronavirus gives you the opportunity to forge an entirely new level of strength on your client relationships. Invest now, help them to survive, and you will both thrive after.


Whatever you do, be Premium 

Being premium is about leading by example and delivering exceptional, consistent value to your clients, no matter the situation. So, pick up the phone, open up your laptop, and let your clients know that you’re here to help them survive this in whatever way you can. 


I’m looking out for you - here’s how: 

Us service providers face our own set of challenges and I want to help. I’ve opened up my calendar for free 30-minute consultation calls 90 min a day, available to any of you who are struggling or facing uncertainty right in their own businesses right now. 

This is an opportunity for you to speak openly about your business and receive objective but compassionate advice from a leading business sparring partner.

I’ve spent the past 10 years of my career helping service providers like you overcome adversity and tackle their challenges head-on. So, if you’re facing difficulties right now and want to speak, I’m here for you - book a call and we’ll get through this together!

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