What's Your Game Plan for Q3?

business Aug 22, 2019

 The holidays are now behind us, and you know what that means? It’s time to get back to business. 

To help you hit and exceed your targets in quarter 3, you need to incorporate the below 10 quick business tips into your strategy. Keep reading to find out more. 


1) Seek the WOW Effect from Your Customers

If you want to grow your business over the next 3 months and you only take away one principle from this list, make it this one: 

Satisfied customer = loyal customer.

It’s that simple. You can have all of the tools, tactics and strategies in the world, but if you can’t give your customers what they want (and go above and beyond that), then they won’t come back, and they won’t recommend you. You’ll slowly bleed your business to death. 

So, where do you go from here? Sit down and plot out your ideal customer journey and work out where you’ll make contact with them along that journey to ensure they’re getting benefit from your service, and to demonstrate the value of your working relationship.


2) Position Yourself as a “Premium” Consultant 

The quality of the service you provide is essential, but equally important is how your service looks. You could be the best business consultant or business coach in the world, but if your service doesn’t look and feel high quality, you’re going to miss out on swathes of business, cut a significant chunk out of your payslip, and add years on your timeline to success.  

My advice? Be premium. 

Update your website, print and marketing materials to be more upscale and position yourself as the premium option in the market. With your current customers, focus on making sure their experience is second to none.  

This change won’t take as long as you think, and you’ll start to see results almost instantly.


3)  Give Your Customers What They Really Want 

Successful consultants look beyond the basic needs of their clients and instead tailor their service to answer their emotional needs, too.

Ask yourself – your dream client might be looking to grow their quarterly revenue, but what keeps them up at night? 

For example, if they’re struggling to generate new business, don’t offer them a “Free consultation” – give them a “Free lead generation strategy review”. That’s what they really want. 


 4) Make the Most of Daylight Hours  

The modern image of a successful consultant is someone who works 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.  

This “hustle mentality” isn’t realistic, it’s probably not achievable, and it’s definitely not sustainable. When you’re building a consulting business, you need to know your limits. 
As an entrepreneur you’re going to need to put in the late nights and early mornings, but always remember this:  

You are not failing by taking time off. 

Never feel bad about taking personal time. In fact, by doing so you’ll probably find that you get more done during your working hours and see a better return on energy. You’re no use to anyone as a tired, stressed wreck. 


5) Your Team is the Foundation of Your Business  

As entrepreneurs and small business onwers, we often find ourselves wearing a lot of different hats, but here’s a truth you need to accept: 

Nobody is good at everything. If you’re great at writing copy, awesome – take that and do it yourself. If you can’t string a sentence together to save your life, that’s fine – hire someone else to do it.  

You don’t need an office, and you don’t need people full-time. Find freelancers using portals like Upwork.com and pay them for the hours you need them. 


6) Fast is Sometimes Better than Perfect 

As a premium business consultant, I’ve worked with businesses over the years who are fixated on perfection.  

“The home page isn’t quite right yet.”  

“Our business cards don’t look good enough.”  

Before they know it, their competition has swooped in and sewn up a chunk of their target market.  

It’s hard to hear but sometimes, fast is better than perfect.  

Get into the market. Test your service. Get clients. Iron out the creases as they arise. You’ll end up with a more watertight service and a better understanding of your market from doing this. 


7) Remember Who Pays You 

Draw up an organisational chart. How does your team hierarchy play out?  

Grab a pen and add a line above your name for the most important part of your organisation – your clients.  

Above all else, everything in your business needs to revolve around your clients – how they interact with your content, their experience, their customer journey. This is your primary focus. If you want to build and scale your business, remember who pays you, and keep them at the forefront of every business decision. 


8) Take a Break from the Screen 

Right now, everyone is chasing business online. And that means new opportunities for lead generation are opening up offline.  

So, put down your phone, step away from the keyboard and meet people face to face. Attend events both in and outside of your circle, meet with people in person as opposed to over the phone, and seize every opportunity you get to meet other business owners.


9) Network Smarter 

Connect with a group of like minded entrepreneurs who share the same values as you.            

You’ll be able to share challenges, gain advice from those who are experts in areas you’re not, and benefit from the power of collective intelligence. You never know – you might even get some business out of it. 


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10) Have a Game Plan  

Don’t just follow these points – create a plan over the next 3 months and share it with someone who can hold you accountable to following it.  

Build this out into your roadmap, and don’t just let it be a pretty piece of paper in your bottom drawer – stick to it, and you’ll see success from it. 



Reading about it is easy, but creating an effective step-by-step strategy can present a real challenge for many consultants.  

If you want a strategic roadmap that will put you on the path to success, sign up for this FREE masterclass! See you on the inside.


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