The 4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction Every Entrepreneur Should Know

business customer service Jun 24, 2019

The first thing that determines the success or failure of your business is customer satisfaction. You can create the best product in the world, offer the best service, but if your customers are not satisfied, you will not develop your business. If sales are the driving force behind a company's success, customer satisfaction is the fuel that keeps it running. 

What makes the difference in most situations is whether or not you have met expectations. The more you exceed these expectations, the stronger this customer relationship is and the more successful you will be. 

How can you reach this point of convergence between you (what you offer/sell) and the expectations of consumers/customers? How do we make the game happen, and how do we make it last? 


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To understand how you must behave to meet expectations, you must first understand how consumers act and react in the marketplace. In this article, I’m going to share my 4 levels of customer satisfaction with you, with tips and tricks to set up for each level. Read on to find out more.


4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction

LEVEL 1: You have met expectations = THE MINIMUM REQUIRED 

In the first level of satisfaction, you have delivered to the customer what they expected from you - no more, no less. This level is the minimum required for your business to function. 

By continuing in this way, you can certainly continue your journey, but you will find it difficult to grow.  Faced with satisfied customers, who therefore have (for the moment) no reason to complain, it is tempting for an entrepreneur to remain in this comfort zone. 

Don’t do it. Why? Because meeting your customers' minimum standards does not create loyalty. Your customer can easily be tempted to choose a competitor who exceeds their expectations. 

My advice: NEVER be satisfied with simple satisfaction. Always go further in the way you treat your customers, starting by exceeding their expectations as explained below. 


LEVEL 2: Exceeding expectations = TRUST 

Most customers don't expect you to deliver to them but doing a little something extra to exceed their expectations will always make a good impression. No need to set up a whole new service for this - you can just do little things that will make a difference. For example, follow up by phone to make sure they were satisfied with their experience, answer them by phone or email very quickly, or give them the feeling that they can turn to you in several weeks, months or even years after your meeting. 

These are just a handful of small ways to surprise your customers that can greatly contribute to the development of loyalty to your brand/service. 


LEVEL 3: Go even further = Create an EMOTIONAL LINK 

This is where it gets interesting. The point beyond the simple faithfulness and loyalty that we mentioned in level 2 – building an emotional connection between your customer and your brand

Having met their expectations and having surpassed them with the little things, it is now time to offer your customers something more. This can be a commercial gesture, a service that you will not immediately charge for, a long phone call where you share advice... Believe me, you will quickly be rewarded by what will appear to you at first sight as something that contradicts the very idea of business. 

However, he customers to whom you offer a memorable experience will forge an emotional bond with your brand, and will echo it with their peers, customers, business partners... In addition to becoming ambassadors to your brand, they will be loyal to you and become part of your loyal client base, as long as you continue to offer them an experience similar to this one. 


LEVEL 4: To the "WOW" effect = The AMBASSADOR CLIENT, the grail! 

This is the highest level of customer satisfaction, the one that can really propel your business to the top. 

Not only are your customers satisfied that you have met their expectations, but they have also seen you go beyond the box, helping to create a unique experience between them and your company, which they will share with their network, too. This can be the result of a number of actions thanks to exceptional customer service. 

By the time you reach this top level, you will have forged a relationship with your customer that will transform them into a brand advocate, someone who spreads your name to people who need your products or services. 


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This is called the "WOW" effect, which also extends to employee experience. To attract and retain the best talent, companies are making more and more effort to ensure that employees are given an exceptional experience. However, it is exactly the same for consumers! Make them, like your employees, your best ambassadors. 

My advice: If you want your company to grow significantly, you need to pay a lot of attention to your customers' level of satisfaction in each interaction with your company. All the steps, all the processes you set up must be done with the customer in mind. To achieve this "WOW" effect, you must offer exceptional service all year round, and at all meeting points between your business and your customers. Don't forget anything, strive for perfection and more, anywhere, anytime. 




Have you already implemented measures that go beyond customer satisfaction? If so, do you do it on a case-by-case basis, or for everyone? 

Start by listing the little things you can put in place to get to level 2, then 3, then 4. 


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