Show up and Serve - 5 Ways to Keep Client Confidence High During Testing Times

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

As service providers, everything about the way we work is changing, and it may never be the same again.

However, amongst the uncertainty, two things have stayed the same:

  1. Our clients need us - perhaps more now than ever before.
  2. It is our professional and moral obligation as consultants service providers to help them. 

Now is not the time to slow down your business - doing so would be a mistake. Take this opportunity to build client relationships by showing up and serving their best interests.

Not only will you build better relationships and breed loyalty - but it’ll also ensure that after all this over and we return to some semblance of normality, you’ll come out on top. In this article I’m sharing the 5 steps I’m personally taking to keep clients confident in the value of my service. Read on to find out more.

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1) Be the one constant in a sea of change 

Depending on their market, your clients will be experiencing change the likes of which they’ve never seen before.

Don’t forget - these are unprecedented times. Our grandchildren will read about them in history books. Case studies will be taught at business schools across the world. And we need to be the force that guides events in the right direction.

So, when the world is changing around them, be the one constant that they can look to for consistent, quality service. Regardless of what happens, let your clients know that their faith in you is well-placed by showing that you’ll continue to show up and serve their best interests.


2) Communicate and drive an action plan 

Once you’ve let your clients know that you’re here for them, it’s time to define exactly how you’ll be investing your time into solving their problems. If you can identify the problems that your clients face and position solutions to those problems, there will be more than enough work to get you through the pandemic. 

However, it’s unlikely your clients are going to approach you with this work - you need to create these opportunities for yourself by being proactive, even if it takes more effort. 

It’s likely that your clients’ cash flow crises are caused by a number of separate, intersecting issues. Map these out into a plan of action, prioritise each point, and communicate that plan back to your clients.

 Create new assignments for yourself, new projects or mandates.


3) Communicate frequently and offer reassurance 

Forget long meetings - those are long gone. Your clients need to hear from you quickly and deserve concise communication. 

From WhatsApp to Skype, open up points of contact that work for them - and let them know you’re never more than a phone call away. As you work through your action plan, communicate each and every win to help keep their confidence and morale high.

Right now, speed and reactivity are key. As a service provider, you need to up your game because your competitors will most likely do so as well. Being Premium is being excellent and customer relationships and customer experience is vital to the longevity of your business.


4) Demonstrate value and your level of excellence

You’re excellent at what you do, and if there was ever a time to show clients the value of your service, it’s now. So, ask yourself - how much are your clients currently getting from your service versus the price they pay? If you want to keep your job, you need to find a way to increase that value. Trust me, in the long-run, it will pay off and you will be stronger for it. 

Post-COVID-19, when new consultants flood the market and start pitching your clients, who will they choose? In times like these, loyalty goes a long way. 

If you can demonstrate this level of value, you won’t just keep clients - you might even create ambassadors who push new business your way and fight to help you survive and thrive, too.


5) Be the voice of reason amidst the noise

Whatever your relationship is with your client, expand on it. Even previously headstrong professionals will now be questioning their business moves.

Show your clients that you’re here to act as their sparring partner and offer impartial but compassionate advice based on their best interests. They have to change their posture, their language, their messaging - and you’re here to help them work through it.  

Remind them that their success is your biggest priority and you’re here to guide, consult and advise on anything they need help with.


And now, action!

The initial panic of COVID-19 is thinning - now is the time for action. You are an expert at what you do. Mitigate damage, help your clients survive, and when they’re thriving in the post-pandemic market, your value will be remembered. 


I’m looking out for you - here’s how: 

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