4 Little-Known Reasons Customer Experience is the Secret to Explosive Growth

business customer service May 31, 2019

Twenty years ago, in the early days of my entrepreneurial journey, I learned a difficult lesson the hard way: 

Being truly premium doesn’t come from being everything to everyone.

It comes from displaying expertise. Committing to excellence. And, most importantly, delivering a seamless customer experience. 

Whilst your reputation and expertise might help with lead generation and closing, true profitability lies in delivering an unbeatable experience. 

Don’t believe me? I understand.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to show you 4 of the key reasons customer experience should exist at the core of everything you do and show you how your business will stand to benefit. Read on to find out more. 


What is Customer Experience?

Let’s start with the basics. 

When you start a new working relationship, there are two types of responses a client will have to your business: 

  1. The Objective Response: their reaction to the physical, core service you provide.
  2. The Subjective Response: their reaction to HOW that service is delivered - how you personally serve, manage and interact with that client. This is your customer experience. 

I pay more to stay at Four Seasons because of my subjective response to their service. Everyone there knows me by name, and that ticks two boxes for me - it makes me feel special, and it makes me feel valued as their customer. 

I could stay at a hotel across the street for half the price per night, but I don’t, because myself (as well as thousands of other people), place value in their customer experience. 

Price comes second to that, as I’m going to show you.


4 Key Reasons to Focus on Customer Experience - Right Now. 

1) It Promotes Sustainability 

A few years ago, I started working with two business consultants - let’s call them John and Jack - who were looking to scale their profits. 

I gave them both the same solid advice on just how important customer experience was. 

12 months down the line, whilst they both had a functional sales funnel generating consistent leads, there was one core difference between them. 

John had successfully scaled his business to a 6-figure annual profit. 

Jack was still signing clients, but he was making significantly less money. 

He was working longer hours and focusing a large portion of his time on sales, but he wasn’t getting the same results. 


Because when I told both of them that they needed to build their businesses around their customer experience, only John listened. 

His customers felt special and valued, and as a result stayed with him. This gave him the sustainability he needed to scale. 

Whilst Jack was still selling clients on his reputation and making a quick buck, they were dissatisfied with their overall experience and weren’t sticking around for long. He was trying to scale his business on unstable foundations, and it cost him a year of his life.


2) You’ll Tap into Word of Mouth Marketing 

This is a key point that some entrepreneurs fail to recognise: 

Business owners know other business owners. And they talk. 

If you can provide both service excellence and a premium customer experience, it’s only a matter of time before they tell their friends. 

It’s a numbers game. Do this, and I guarantee your phone will ring. 

We aren’t just talking about a few other entrepreneurs, here - it’s a FREE introduction into a BRAND-NEW network that your marketing strategies may have failed to reach. 

If only 1 in 10 clients recommends you and your average monthly retainer is $10,000, that’s over $100,000 in a year JUST from focusing on your initial client’s experience.


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3) It Builds and Reinforces Your Reputation 

It all comes down to social proof. Provide an exemplary service to one client, and you get a referral. Go above and beyond for them, and you now have two intersecting professional networks that are both testifying to your expertise. 

Great work turns a lead into a repeat client. A premium customer experience turns that repeat client into a brand ambassador. This is the perfect storm for rapid business growth. 

Previously, you might have suffered from too many low-quality leads. Now, your biggest problem will be scaling to be able to manage the volume of high-quality inbound leads who want to work with you.


4) It Builds Your Pricing Power 

Put simply, a premium customer experience will allow you to charge more for the work you do

Each entrepreneur has different goals, but there’s one resounding similarity that brings them all together - 

They all want to charge more for their services. 

Customer experience facilitates this perfectly. If you can deliver a proven, exemplary service that gets real results and tie it in with a seamless customer experience, you will be able to charge more than your competitors for doing the SAME WORK. 

In turn, these higher prices will make you more exclusive, further increasing the demand for your services.



Build your business with customer experience in mind and you’ll lay the foundations for strong, sustainable and predictable growth with significantly lower risk. 


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