Why Concise Communication is the Key to Rapid Growth

business Aug 27, 2019

In English, there is a widely used expression "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” 

When we think of great business leaders, we often equate them with this expression. Being a leader is something almost identity-based that an individual has deep inside them. Leaders inspire because they don't just talk about doing something, they take the right steps to do it. 

I was recently talking to you about the importance of vision (read here). Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of communication. 

Being able to formalize what your company does is an essential part of sustainable leadership - the famous "walk the walk". It means having the ability to put into words what sets your company apart, why what you do is important and how you will achieve your goals. 

Successful leaders not only think about their companies in a different way, but they also speak about them differently. They are driven by a dynamic of change/change. By using the art of speech, leaders become the best ambassadors for their own business and often, as a result, they achieve results at all levels.


1. Communicate to Convince and Build Loyalty

As a business owner, storytelling is one of your most potent assets. Now more than ever, with the advent of social networks, you need to use brand content strategies to convince, but also to build loyalty. 

Because let's not kid ourselves, consumers want more than just images and premium products to make their choice. Brand content has become a must.  For your content strategy to be effective, you must build your messages beforehand and have a precise description of what you do, your business philosophy and the assets you have.


2. Communicate to Increase the Productivity of Your Teams 

By creating your own language to communicate on the company's methodology in terms of services, sales strategy, etc., you will clarify the expectations of everyone in your organization. By stating things clearly, you will be convincing, but also reassuring for your teams, who will follow a clearly expressed guideline. And as when you know where you are going, it is much easier to do everything possible to get there - your teams, but also YOU, will be much more productive. 

For more information, read The Importance of Clarity, where I discuss how you will only benefit from having a precise brand message.


3. Communicate to Strengthen Team Building 

By building a clear discourse and giving strong arguments that distinguish your business from your competitors, you will also help to convey a positive image of your company to your teams. 

This "competitive vocabulary" will serve as a vector to strengthen team building and employee loyalty to your business, your brand, and yourself as a manager, with the underlying idea that each member, regardless of their hierarchical level, has every reason to give their best to help your company shine.


4. Communicate to Position Yourself as an Expert 

Building clear messaging for your business will force you to think about what you do exactly, how you do it, and why you do it better than others.  

This exercise gives you the chance to reflect on the experience you have by reviewing the key moments of your company and its evolution. Refine your brand messaging over and over again, and you’ll reach the point where you’ll be ready to position yourself as an expert in your field.



Can you, as a leader, put into words what makes your company different from your competitors? 

Or, more simply, describe what you do in 5 lines? 

Can you create a language that speaks to your team, builds solidarity and promotes loyalty? 

Get ready for the exercise and build your brand speech, DNA and spine for your 2019 business... and beyond!


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