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I am Alexandre Olive and I help entrepreneurs develop growth strategies to scale their business fast based on the potential for their businesses to become "premium" brands.

It is certainly because of my Swiss and French background that the luxury and premium brand segment caught my imagination very early on. We have a strong track record there so I was quick to embrace it and have been working in the sector for over 21 years in over 80 countries.

Introduction to Premium Business

After a double business major at California State University, I started to grow a strong interest and passion for the personal luxury goods sector at a time when it was growing from a value of around $100 billion.

Seeing this potential (in case you're wondering, it was recently valued at $300 billion), I started working in NYC with the famous Italian fashion brand, Trussardi.

From there, I headed back to Switzerland in 1999 where I still live.

Learning the Secrets of Luxury & Premium Goods

I was initially responsible for developing the distribution channels for Dior, Alfred Dunhill, Boucheron and other prestigious brands. We built the distribution in more than 20 countries and sold our high-quality jewellery to heads of state and showbiz celebrities.

This experience led me to my “dream job”: working directly with Nicholas Hayek Sr., founder and chairman of The Swatch Group (worth $9 billion per year). He was the savior of the Swiss Watch Industry.

Under Mr. Hayek’s wing, my successes (strategy, sales, flair for the right product) enabled me to became the youngest VP ever at the company, aged just 27.

The best part of working directly with him was learning, from the horse’s mouth, the very principles that have successfully turned every single Swatch Group brand into a premium and/or luxury brand:from Harry Winston and Omega to Swatch, to name a few.

He mentored me directly in all aspects of marketing, sales, distribution, and management of premium product lines; I worked with him right up until 2009.

Launching My Own Business for Premium Entrepreneurs

I had seen how the passion and knowledge I had picked up, when applied to luxury and premium brands, worked every single time. Put simply, we were able to develop:

  • Super high-quality customer experiences
  • Huge demand for our products
  • Huge margins for the company
  • Increased customer loyalty

With the confidence that comes from the best mentoring and repeated success, it soon became only natural for me to share what I had learnt with entrepreneurs.

In 2009, I launched my first company and have been working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and experts ever since.

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